What is Transform? (en français)

Transform is a life-changing experience in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our goal is to equip you to be a healthy leader, ready to impact your nation. You will receive teachings from some of the world’s top leaders as well as amazing times of worship and intercession. Sessions will be in English and in French. You can choose to enroll for the full length of the program (20 days) or as short as one week.

Your associations will determine your destination in life. Come spend time with us and find the power available in Jesus Christ through a healthy life.


When: July 17 – August 4, 2016
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Why: To walk in love and intimacy with God and discover your calling.



Paul Goulet

Lead Pastor



Denise Goulet

Lead Associate Pastor



Nick Paulhus

of Transform



A Note from Pastor Paul

We are looking for men and women like you who want to be personally saturated in God’s presence and receive power to bring transformation to the nations. This intensive program in Las Vegas, Nevada will radically change your life forever and help you seize your destiny.

My team and I have opened our lives and ministries to impart the powerful anointing that is moving through our church and our community. Join us as we embark upon this journey together!

Pastor Paul Goulet

Preliminary Schedule


July 14

Arrival in Las Vegas

July 15

ICLV Sunday Services

July 17

Intensive Program Begins


July 31

H0ly Spirit Conference Begins

August 3

Holy Spirit Conference Ends

August 4

Return Home

Part-Time Program


If the full program doesn’t fit in your schedule, come participate with us part time.
We request you come for a minimum of 6 days beginning with Tuesday and ending on Sunday. We highly recommend your schedule includes the dates of the Holy Spirit Conference. However, the part time schedule is based on daily rates and any time available within the full time program will be accepted.

Full time (20 days) : $1495
14 days : $1120
7 days : 560$


  • Applicants must be at least 17 years of age to apply. Persons of all ages 17 and older will be considered.
  • We strongly encourage individuals to have been faithful to a local church and be in good standing with the leadership.
  • Individuals applying should be spiritually mature, growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ and should be ready to be streched and challenged to go deeper with their commitment to God.
  • Families are encouraged to attend. Special pricing is available in the tuition portion of this page.


Full Program

Tuition covers the cost of the program, room accommodations and transportation during your stay. It will also cover some of your meals.

  • Standard Registration (By June 5) — $1495 USD
  • Special Locals Pricing Available — Contact Us


Part-Time Program

Same registration dates apply. The daily rate is $80 USD per day beginning on the day of your arrival through the last night of your accommodations. This price includes the cost of the program, room accommodations, transportation, and some meals.


Family Full-Time

Same registration dates apply. Tuition for adults is the same per person listed above. Cost for children is $350 USD per child. This includes accommodations, transportation, some meals and childcare during the Transform day program.


Family Part-Time

Same registration dates apply. The daily rate is $80 USD per day per adult and $20 USD per day per child, beginning on the day of your arrival through the last night of your accommodations. This price includes the cost of the program, room accommodations, transportation, some meals, and childcare during the Transform day program.


The Suncoast Hotel is a high-quality, resort style hotel with standards rooms including 2 queen size beds and a beautiful view of the surrounding area. You will surely enjoy all it has to offer, especially the stunning outdoor swimming pool.


Transform will be providing you breakfast and lunch from Tuesday to Friday during the program. Your dinners, weekend meals and your meals during the Holy Spirit conference will be at your own expenses. A large variety of restaurants and grocery store for every budget are within walking distance from your hotel.


Step 1: Read

Make sure to read all of the information on this page and the notes from our leaders to get a feel for what Transform is all about. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email!

Step 2: Apply

Complete the admissions application. Please answer all questions and be prepared to include a passport-style photo of yourself.


Step 3: References

A recommendation letter must be submitted along with your admissions application. We ask that a Pastor or a spiritual leader, who knows you well enough, send us an email describing your character, your walk with Christ and why should you be part of Transform 2015. Please do not use relatives for this recommendation letter.

Step 4: Review

Your application is submitted for review when we have received all necessary documents: your completed application, current passport style photo, and two references. The committee will then review your application and respond, generally within 2-3 weeks.

Step 5: Deposit

If you are accepted, you are required to submit a non-refundable $100 USD deposit within 10 days of receiving your acceptance letter. This assures us that you are coming to the internship and, therefore, we are holding a place for you.

Step 6: Tuition

All remaining payments and tuition will be due no later than June 5, 2015.