Fight The Good Fight (Learning From Giants Pt.2)

26 Jan Fight The Good Fight (Learning From Giants Pt.2)

Last week we talked about giants, their influence, and some qualities of what makes a giant. This week we continued on the series of “Learning From Giants” and discovered more qualities and attributes of giants.

2 Timothy 4:7 says,

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

Modern day Christianity seems to have become watered down and extremely filtered. Lukewarm faith isn’t as fulfilling and “safe” as some might think. As I was typing this blog a thought of lukewarm food came into my mind. In the food industry there is a thing called the “danger zone”. This is when a range of temperatures are hazardous and more prone to growing bacteria. The same goes with our Christian faith and relationship with Jesus. If we don’t maintain the “fire/heat” in our walk with Christ, it puts us at a risk for unhealthy things, people, thoughts and feelings to seep into our lives.

In part two of the “Learning from Giants” series, there are five more qualities we’d like to make known to you. The first quality would be: Giants see themselves as fighters. As 2 Timothy 4 said, “I have fought the good fight” – Do you know how to fight for what’s right, and if so, are you fighting the good fight? I would encourage you to keep on fighting and never lose the hope to press on and press through.

The second quality is: Giants model and teach. Are you teaching others to fight the good fight and to never back down? Giants model and teach not only a lifestyle of influence and leadership but of toughness and sincerity. The third and fourth qualities of a giant are: Giants inspire others with their courage and Giants never give up. Winston Churchill was famous in World War 2 for his speech that included the quote: “Never, never, never give up”. Giants are courageous and persistent.

The last quality of a giant is: Giants know how to be lions and lambs. Being a lamb consists of being able to be led, shepherded, humble and resourceful. All these attributes are not only good to have but basically a necessity in our faith. Being a lion consists of being a warrior, a symbol or strength and courage. Have you tapped into your inner lion? My encouragement is that you discover the lion and lamb within you and walk that out in your daily lives.


Pray this today: Lord, thank You for giving me the strength and courage to fight the good fight. Thank You for Your Word and guidance. Help me become a giant so that I may model and teach the “giant lifestyle” to those around me. Help me remain as humble as a lamb and as bold as a lion throughout my walk with You. I love you. Amen.

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