Pursue the Power of Unity

23 Feb Pursue the Power of Unity

Mother Teresa once said,

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; Together we can do great things.”

The power of unity is a force to be reckoned with. I believe there is a reason God works in the power of the trinity. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are in unison therefore creating a supernatural, dynamic trio.  We live in a nation that is paralyzed and polarized. There are families breaking apart, husbands and wives separating rapidly, a great deal of misunderstanding and misconstrue.

We as believers, are here to reflect the nurture and nature of God.

Dr. David Lim has developed a concept of the “Four C’s in Unity”. These are vital keys in the functioning of unity. The first “C” is: Communication. We must be able to properly communicate with one another. Having the ability to express how you feel, what you are thinking, etc. will not only help you emotionally but help the people you are communicating with. Proper, healthy communication will destroy disdain and despair. 

The second “C” in unity is: Convictions. It is alright to have convictions, but we may need to change our methodology. We need to become flexible in dealing with our convictions so they don’t turn into condemnations. What was acceptable years ago may no longer be accepted in culture today. Adaptation to change is a great indicator of a healthy leader.

The third “C” is: Conflict Management. 

The biggest problem isn’t the other person, nor the issue you are facing, rather the biggest problem is most often, yourself.

The word “listen“, in the Chinese language, consists of three different components that build the word. The left hand side means “the ear is king”. The right hand side means “total focus”. Lastly, the bottom part means “one heart”. Everyone deserves to be heard and to hear. When we have truly listened, we have solved half of the conflict already!

Lastly, the fourth “C” would be: Compassion. God’s commands aren’t His legalisms, they are His strategies!  Once we press into the security and the heart of God, we can gain further vision and insight into our lives and for the lives of others.

It is important that we grasp the potential of diversity. If everyone was the same, there would be little to no advancement. Innovation happens at the collision of three different types of people: those who are set to discover, those who are driven to develop, and those who are designed to deliver.


In God’s Kingdom, you seek to love – not be loved; You seek to understand rather than to be understood. But, when you choose God’s Kingdom, you will be loved through loving. You will be understood through understanding.

In God’s Kingdom:

  •  Bondage turns to Freedom
  • Lack turns into Abundance
  • Doubt turns into Faith
  • Bitterness turns to Growth
  • Failures turn to Fruitfulness
  • Despair turns to the Greater Vision

Pray this today: God, I thank you for the power of unity and the potentiality of diversity. I thank you for creating me in Your image – that I was fearfully and wonderfully made. Father, help me to become a person of communication, conviction, conflict management and compassion. Continue to bless me as I bless others. Amen.

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