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08 Feb Living a Prophetic Lifestyle

Living a prophetic lifestyle has often been misconstrued and misused. Many people have misconceptions of the prophetic, what is is, and its purpose. The literal Greek word of “prophesying” or “prophecy” in context pertaining to the Bible properly means to “speak forth” or declare the divine will; it also means to interpret the purposes of God, or to make known in any way the truth of God which is designed to influence people. Living a prophetic lifestyle is walking heart-to-heart with the Father and being willing to go on a treasure hunt every day! Doesn't that sound fun? You see, each person has value; but sometimes that value has been hidden, locked away, or sunken deep within their hearts because of hurt, denial, trauma, and more. Throughout this blog, we will be able to identify four secret weapons that are key when living out a prophetic lifestyle. 
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14 Dec Creating a Phosphorus Lifestyle

Have you ever found yourself wondering how you got to where you are right now? Or you look back on the things you have accomplished and think, "What did I do to deserve this"? Maybe you look at your life and think you haven't lived the life you always wanted or planned for. Well, I'm here to tell you that it's never too late for change and transformation. 
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