ICLV | Senior Pastor Paul Goulet | Kids
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Children's ministry at ICLV

Infancy – 5th Grade

Helping children to encounter Jesus and the Holy Spirit, experience transformation, and engage in their God-given destinies.

Infants to Kindergarten

With this unique age ICLV commits to providing the highest quality of childcare during all services. Trained leaders and teachers instill innovative teaching styles that bring out the deep truths of God in a very simple way. At ICLV we believe it’s never too early to teach and release the principles of God’s word to everyone, including children!

Sunday Morning – Kids Power Church

We offer praise and worship, creative and impactful teaching from the word of God, dynamic interactive games and skits that emphasize the theme of the day.


The children will experience the same impactful worship as the 9am service, coupled with unique learning environments. These include creative arts, interactive learning and solid biblical teaching.

Both services are committed to providing the highest quality of spiritual education to assist the families of ICLV and the spiritual growth of children.

Sunday Night – Kids Spotlight

Special targeted ministry to children is available on Sunday nights. In the past, ICLV has offered  special themes like hearing the voice of God, ICLV kids choir, character building, and ICLV kids drama team. Join us today to find out the new creative emphasis that is happening on Sunday nights.

Kids Creative Arts

We know that each child is unique with special interests in a variety of areas. It’s our desire to create an atmosphere where children can learn and grow within the context of their gifts and talents. That’s why we are providing special interest workshops that center around specific creative gifts. Classes like karate, dance, arts & crafts, and acting are just some of what we’ll offer in the 2015/2016 season.

Don’t forget- Royal Rangers and Missionettes are also offered on Wednesday nights