Men & Women

Inspiring men and women from all walks of life to be the leaders they are called to be. Our mission is reach the men and women of our city from all walks of life, to reconcile them to God and others through discipleship, to raise them up to be leaders in their families, businesses, and communities, and to release them to fulfill the purpose for their lives.


ICLV Kids is all about introducing the next generation to the goodness and love of God. Through fun programs, great classes, and powerful worship and prayer times, our kids learn about Jesus and what it means to be His friend. Safe and secure classes and groups for newborns through 5th graders, taught by ICLV leaders and teachers who are committed to raising up great leaders!


Students & Youth

We are a group of young believers committed to the fact that a generation who has found God can change everything. We believe that those things that are lost can be found, we pick up those who are fallen, and we know that we have been chosen to build into our friends, our city, and our world.

Wednesdays at 7pm on all campuses


 Somos la congregación En Español de la iglesia International Church of Las Vegas, una iglesia multicultural, muy dinámica y llena del Espíritu Santo cuyo único deseo es de que cada persona que nos visite pueda experimentar la presencia de Dios en sus vidas y ser transformados para siempre.

ICLV is a non-denominational Christian church that believes in the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. Learn more about our beliefs here.