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Sermons, teachings, worship times, and more.

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The most recent sermons, special clips, music videos, event recaps, and The Weekly can all be found at the ICLV YouTube page. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Featured Sermon Series

(10 Sermons)

Reach is the first of the foundational ideas that we hold as a community. The primary mission of ICLV (and anyone that belongs to the Kingdom of God) is to reach our communities with the love of Jesus.

(6 Sermons)

There’s a reason we call it the FAMILY of God. It’s not perfect – there are weird aunts, crazy uncles, and little brothers that you can’t stand, but an effective person knows that healthy relationships are the key to real and lasting change.

(6 Sermons)

God has asked us to be people that step in and change the areas around us for His Kingdom. He’s made us great leaders, men and women who are committed and intentional about making a lasting impact.

(8 Sermons)

God has given you authority through Jesus for whatever your sphere of influence – your Kingdom – is. Your job, your family, your community – they all come under the reign of heaven.

Sunday Nights

The Pursuit is ICLV’s Sunday night service at the Summerlin Campus at 5pm. We take this special time to seek God and stop to worship and pray. Led by Samuel Goulet and Lawrence Ana, this service is full of great teachings from ICLV pastors and guest speakers.

Special Sermons

ICLV is blessed with a great group of people to fill the pulpit when the regular teaching team is traveling and during special events. These sermons aren’t a part of any series, but are great one-off teachings from trusted friends of ICLV.